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Many groups and corporations unethically became rich at others’ expense in our country. The federal government is not protecting its residents. As a result, people give up, turn to crimes, and do not trust anyone around them!


This campaign is 100% people powered to send a new generation of leaders who get things done to Congress. We fight for economic, racial, social, and environmental justice. When you vote for Calvin Nguyen, you vote for all of us.

Most immigrants and Americans do not have good lives under the current system. It protects and supports the privileged 1%. They are the only ones achieving true success in this rigged game. More middle class individuals serving as U.S. House of Representatives will change this.

On top of having everything, they also bully those who have less. Then, when it comes to the laws, they get different treatments. To name a few, Brock Turner, Elizabeth Holmes, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Jeffrey Epstein. We need changes.


Photo of Calvin and team members will be uploaded here


We do what is best for every resident in California’s 10th congressional district and America.

We focus on how to support you and your family instead of joining any political game.

If elected, we will initiate a volunteer tutoring program to provide sessions of free homework help to students throughout CA-10.

Once a year, each House Representative is allowed to submit fifteen (15) project requests on behalf of their Congressional District to the Appropriations Committee. We will work shoulder-to-shoulder with every city in our district to get the most desirable results.

Two offices will be established for constituent service, one in Walnut Creek and one in Antioch. Please reach out if you have any concerns, difficulties, or questions. We plan to help CA-10 residents get back any money that they were owed from federal agencies. Walk-ins are welcome.



Calvin was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When he was ten years old, the Nguyens immigrated to the United States. In 2011, they moved to Santa Clara County, California, and have stayed there ever since. Today, they are relocating to Walnut Creek.

Before turning twenty years old, he completed:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Studies with a minor in Child Development from Weber State University.
  • A Master of Science degree in Leadership concentrated in Corporate Communications from Northeastern University.
  • A Master of Science degree in Professional Studies concentrated in Creativity Studies from Drexel University.

Personal Qualities

  • He knows how to select the best people for positions, place them into teams, and lead everyone toward shared goals.
  • He gets things done by motivating others.
  • He loves the United States and regrets not serving the public sooner.
  • He admires President Joseph Biden and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and considers them his role models.
  • He works well with people different from him, including those representing other political parties.
  • He possesses a dedication to learning and improving.
  • He treats everyone equally and with respect.
  • He generates creative solutions to complex issues.


Obstacles and failures made him a better leader.

Calvin has focused on our bank systems for the last ten years. His expertise helps protect residents’ monetary resources from financial crimes. 

His understanding and knowledge gained through living make him a good fit for this position.  

Political Party

He is a Democrat.


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